Ortho & Joint Replacement

Department of Ortho & Joint Replacement

Ortho is one of the Vital department for a hospital. They play a major role on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with skeletal deformities Example like disorder of Bone ,joints, ligaments & tendons. The age group of people they treat is vary from Newborn with club feet, Sports person with injuries who requires surgical correction and old people with arthritis.

Deepam Hospital Ortho department has eminent Ortho surgeon as their consultant and sophisticated Physio department who help the patients for early mobilization At Deepam Hospital Gudvanchery our clients get hip replacement surgery, joint replacement treatment, total knee replacement surgery in Chennai at very affordable price in comparison to others Ortho care hospital. Our success rate is 100 % & 0 % post of Infection or complications.

Most common Ortho problems treated at Deepam Hospital are :

 Fractures & Dislocation of Bones

 Torn Ligaments / Injuries/ Muscle pulls



 Lengthening of unequal limbs

 Correction of abnormal fingers & toes

 Arthritis & osteoporosis

 Club feet

 Replacement surgery Knee /Hip

 Bone Tumors

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